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Asia-Pacific Region Experts Come Together to Discuss Climate Change and Environmental Health for Vulnerable Population

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  • Asia-Pacific Region Experts Come Together to Discuss Climate Change and Environmental Health for Vulnerable Population

    National Institute of Environmental Research – GIST IERI Co-hosts Environmental Health Symposium



    From May 30th to 31st, IERI and NIER co-hosted “Climate Change and Environmental Health for Vulnerable Population in the Asia-Pacific Region” (SNUCM Global Center). Environmental health experts from WHO West Pacific Regional Office, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Fiji, Laos, and Mongolia were present, and they discussed major environmental health issues their countries face. The discussion and presentation sessions focused on climate change, environmental and health issues, and the policy development status in the Asia-Pacific region in which Pacific island countries and low-income countries are concentrated. Participants also discussed cooperative measures of international organizations and cooperation between countries.

    The presentations on the first morning of the symposium are as follows: Doctor Rok-Ho Kim (WHO West Pacific Office, Fiji) on “Climate Change and Environmental Health in the Pacific Island Countries”; Yun-Chul Hong (SNU) on “Climate Change and Environmental Impacts”; Director Joon Ha Kim (GIST-IERI) on “The Age of Chaos, the Change of World as We Know”.

    From afternoon to next morning, Doctor Do Manh Cuong (Ministry of Environmental Health, Vietnam), Doctor Kongea Phan (adjunct researcher of IERI, Science and Technology, International University, Cambodia), and experts from seven different countries presented their researches on varying subjects, such as climate change, environmental health, and vulnerable population.


    The symposium was held in recognition of IERI’s effort to study and solve climate change and various environmental issues in the Southeast Asian region. The symposium was co-hosted upon the suggestion of NIER, the first cooperative center of WHO in Northeast Asia. In the future, IERI will continue to help solve environmental issues of Southeast Asian countries as well as developing countries suffering from climate change.


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