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Co-hosted Korean Society of Environmental Engineers Expert Group Conference

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  • Co-hosted Korean Society of Environmental Engineers Expert Group Conference

    Organized Sessions on Climate Change Response and Adaptation Technology



    From June 19th to 20th, IERI co-hosted “2017 3rd Korean Society of Environmental Engineers Expert Group Conference” (ECC, Ewha Woman’s University). The 13 professional groups and 6 expert committees participated in this third annual expert group conference, and around 120 people gave presentations. This conference, organized by Korean Society of Environmental Engineers, was co-hosted by GIST-IERI, Environmental Research Institute (Ewha Woman’s University), and Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute.

    On the second day of the conference, IERI organized a session on “climate change response and appropriate technology”, examined climate change response and appropriate technology from a variety of viewpoints, and provided a space for discussions on in-depth technology and policy research.


    IERI presented the technology installed to adapt to climate change in developing countries in which climate change is wreaking havoc, and shared projects that aim for finding resolutions in appropriate technology for engagement growth, which SDGs advocate. In this session, Director Joon Ha Kim started his lecture with “The Age of Chaos: Climate Change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Everything We Know undergoes Change.” He introduced the Fourth Industrial Revolution innovative technologies as solutions to climate change response and adaptation measures. He also suggested ‘climate change response smart city’ in convergence and association with climate technology as a measure for sustainable development of future society. Moreover, as a climate change response technology, Director Ki-Won Jeon (KRICT Carbon Resources Institute) addressed the status of carbon resource technology and its future, Professor Yoon-Ho Lee (GIST Earth Science and Environmental Engineering) presented the development of gravity-based membrane filter purification device to counteract drinking water problem caused by climate change and its installment technology, and also introduced cases where the device was installed as a rainwater purification system in island countries, such as Kiribati and Tuvalu (South Pacific region).


    Lastly, Doctor Soo-Il Kang (Climate Technology Cooperation Team, Science & Technology Division, Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning) introduced 9 major scientific technologies that are directly related to national development and growth engine strengthening as well as solving societal problems, and discussed the Government’s climate change measures cooperation, development-related policy, and support measures.
    IERI acknowledges that countermeasures regarding climate change must be achieved through collective intelligence. The Institute anticipates the session to serve as a momentum to exercise collective intelligence and to seek solutions.


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