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2014 Publication List

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  • 1 Y Hong, NP Dan, E Kim, H-J Choi, S Han. 2014. Application of diffusive gel-type probes for assessing redox zonation and mercury methylation in Mekong Delta sediment. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 16(7), p.799-808.
    2 Phan, K., Kim, K-W., Hashim, J.H. 2014. Environmental Arsenic epidemiology in the Mekong River basin of Cambodia. Env. Res 135, 37-41
    3 Phan, K., Phan, S., Heng S., Huoy L., Kim, K-W. 2014. Assessing arsenic intake from groundwater and rice by residents in Prey Veng province, Cambodia. Environ. Pollut 185c: 84–89
    4 P Chanpiwat, BT Lee and KW Kim, Suthipong Sthiannopkao(2014) Human health risk assessment for ingestion exposure to groundwater contaminated by naturally occurring mixtures of toxic heavy metals in the Lao PDR, Environ Monit Assess, 186: 4905-4923.
    5 P.G. Vital, K. B. Dimasuay, K.W. Widmer and W. L. Rivera (2014), Microbiological Quality of Fresh Produce from Open Air Markets and Supermarkets in the Philippines, The Scientific World Journal, Volume 2014, Article ID 219534, 7 pages.


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