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2015 Publication List

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  • 1 Vo Thi Dieu Hien, Nguyen Thanh Tin, Le Hong Ngoc, Bui Xuan Thanh, Dinh Quoc Tuc, Nguyen Phuoc Dan  (2015) Investigation of Trihalomethanes Contamination in Surface Water Treatment Plants and Water Supply Network in An Giang-Mekong Delta Province of Viet Nam. Journal of Water Sustainability, 5(3), p. 85-94.
    2 Nguyen Duy Khanh, Tran Tuan Viet, Nguyen Huu Viet, Lai Duy Phuong, Trinh Thi Bich Huyen, Dinh Quoc Tuc, Pham Minh Quang, Dang Vu Bich Hanh, Seunghee Han and Nguyen Phuoc Dan (2016) Trace Metals (Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd) in mellusca, sediment and water at tien river estuary - Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Journal of Science and Technology, Accepted for publication: MO 46, Nov. 2015
    3 Penradee Chanpiwat, Seiichiro Himeno and Suthipong Sthiannopkao (2015) Arsenic and Other Metals' Presence in Biomarkers of Cambodians in Arsenic Contaminated Areas. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 12, p. 14285-14300.
    4 Edu Inam, Nnanake-Abasi Offiong, Suil Kang, Paul Yang and Joseph Essien (2015) Assessment of the Occurrence and Risks of Emerging Organic Pollutants (EOPs) in Ikpa River Basin Freshwater Ecosystem, Niger Delta-Nigeria. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 95, p. 624-631.
    5 Edu Inam, Nnanake-Abasi Offiong, Joseph Essien, Suil Kang, Seo-Young Kang and Bassey Antia (2016) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons loads and potential risks in freshwater ecosystem of the Ikpa River Basin, Niger Delta-Nigeria. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 188 (1), p. 49-63.
    6 Trinh Ngoc Tuan, Sangho Chung, Jae Kwang Lee b, Jaeyoung Lee (2015) Improvement of water softening efficiency in capacitive deionization
    by ultra purification process of reduced graphene oxide. Current Applied Physics, 15, p. 1397-1401.


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