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IERI Call for Research Proposals 2018 for developing countries

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  • IERI Call for Research Proposals 2018 for developing countries


    • Application Deadline : Aug 6th, 2018


    • Program details

    IERI has supported many international research activities from 2004, to contribute to the resolution of environmental issues in the developing countries and to reinforce the research capacity of the developing countries. From July 2018, we expand the research area to climate change.


    For 2018, research period: Sep 1~Dec 31, 2018

    • Research topic: Environmental issues and challenges related to climate change in developing countries

    - Climate Change Phenomenon and Status

    - Climate change measurement and modeling

    - Climate Change Adaptation and Response

    - Carbon reduction for climate change

    - Climate Research and Applications

    - Commercialization for climate change mitigation

    - other fields of climate change

    • Funding  amount : approx. $10,000

    • Research proposal due to be submitted : Aug 6, 2018

    • Requirement briefly : Oral presentation at GIST, South Korea on Nov 15th, 2018

                                        Final report in English (will be informed later)

    • Research Funding body: Ministry of Science and Technology in South Korea and executed by the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

    And based on the research evaluation on Nov, 2018, they'll continue to receive it in 2019 with more or less amount (but new proposal for 2019 is needed).



    • Each applicants must be nationals of developing countries. They must hold a PhD with some research experiences focus on environment issues .

    • Each scientists who submit a satisfactory final report on a previous fund may apply for a renewal.


    Submitted proposals are assessed against the following criteria:

    • Innovation: extent to which the proposed research contributes to knowledge creation by expanding and or strengthening the relevant literature on growth and development.

    • Quality and composition of research work

    • Contribution to local capacity

    • Value for money

    How to apply

    1. Fill out two of rhe required applicaion documents

    IERI research proposal form (attached file)

    Principal Investigator’s CV with a list of publication

    (Including the 1st page of each published articles)

    2. Email them to the IERI research fund Coordinator, Olivia Kim (

    3. Application Deadline : Aug 6th, 2018


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